Working with Individuals module

At the core this 6-day module is developing greater nervous system coherence and increasing capacity for resilience.  Only from this ‘resourced’ perspective, can beneficial change, healing, insights, solutions and clarity arise.

Nervous system regulation is the language of horses, and as we attune to this language, the horses step more fully into their role and work consciously with intent to support the client’s processes.

In this Working with Individuals module you will:

  • Learn about the types of clients you may attract and understand their needs
  • Learn about the current trend towards somatic-based modalities and the significance
  • Learn why you need to be trauma-informed
  • Lean and practice stabilisation
  • Learn how needs and emotions underlie behaviour and mobilise us towards growth
  • Learn and practice integrating the horses’ responses in your sessions
  • Learn and practice within the hallmarks of trauma framework to increase safety, trust, and empowerment
  • Learn about the story vortex and its adverse influences
  • Practice facilitating towards the counter-vortex to increase coherence, resilience and natural reorganisation
  • Learn and practice identifying, expanding and working within a client’s window of tolerance
  • Learn and practice essential ‘shepherding’ skills: listen, stimulate, contain, follow, inhibit, direct, and integrate
  • Practice one-on-one facilitation with support and guidance from the CEEL trainers
  • Experience and practice facilitating specific activities designed to provide corrective experiences of attunement and attachment
  • Learn about role of horses in EEL and their 6 main functions
  • Learn what to look for when considering horses for this work – from their apparent level of evolution based on needs
  • Safety and caring for EEL horses and how to encourage and support the horses’ participation
  • Find your jewel – the key to developing and marketing your business

This is a 6-day training module and on completion of this training, you receive a certificate of attendance.  You can submit the relevant case studies as per the assessment criteria – within 6 months of the training, to demonstrate your competency and become a CEEL Certified Facilitator of Working with Individuals.