About Us

The Center for Equine Experiential Learning  (CEEL) is  an organisation dedicated to training EEL facilitators, providing / continuing professional development opportunities, and creating a supportive community that shares and networks together, sharing resources.

The Centre for Equine Experiential Learning is operated by Cindy Jacobs who runs corporate programs involving team building and leadership development under her Free Rein Australia business, and also works with individuals dealing with personal challenges, stress and trauma under her Sehorse business.

Having daily interactions with diverse clients and groups keeps Cindy in touch with the challenges of dealing with clients and she freely shares her experiences with CEEL participants to accelerate their learning journey.

Cindy continues her professional development specifically in the field of neuroscience and how stress affects our well-being.

Cindy Jacobs founder and Programs Director of Free Rein Australia and Sehorse.  Cindy previously founded and managed a successful change management business with over 40 staff members serving large corporations in Australia and overseas for over 15 years.  Since 2001 she has worked as an executive coach focusing on personal, professional, and leadership development, and is an Associate with the Institute of Executive Coaching Australia.  Cindy has been a certified EAGALA practitioner since 2004 and completed much of her EAGALA training in the USA.  She has facilitated with and been mentored by Epona-trained, Sharon Bringleson of Centre for Horses and Healing.  In addition to being a certified coach in Multiple Brain Integration, and trained in Presence-based Coaching techniques, she is a Transpersonal Counsellor, and Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner.   Her work is inspired by her own experience with her herd of 19 horses and her discovery of what they offer to human growth and development.


Training is offered at the facilities of Free Rein Australia:  231 Grossmans Road, Torquay, Victoria, Australia.

Training can be offered at other host locations.  If you are interested in hosting training, please contact us.