Foundation module

This 4-day training module is a prerequisite for ALL other CEEL modules.

CEEL training begins with your own development because who you are and what you are holding will always influence your clients’ experiences and the horses’ responses.  This training is an immersion as both a client and trainee into CEEL’s approach and the resonant field of the horse.  You will develop essential mindfulness and somatic awareness skills to sense into your clients’ and horses’ responses and needs.

You will learn essential skills to create and maintain safety in order to work within your clients window of tolerance. You will experience EEL for individuals and EEL for groups.  You will also be guided to explore your experience and examine what aspects of your ways of thinking, being, feeling, and doing support your effectiveness as a facilitator and what challenges you to be present to the needs of yourself, clients and horses.

In this module we focus on the ‘building blocks’ of our CEEL training program.  Practicing the basic EEL skills will provide a necessary foundation to learn the many layers and subtleties of the CEEL modalities.

In this Foundations of EEL Facilitator Training Module you will:

  • Learn and practice embodying the Guiding Principles of CEEL
  • Learn and practice presence-based, mindfulness skills
  • Learn about our biological response to our environment, and how this influences all our relationships, and our ability to learn
  • Learn about safety and how to create a safe container for EEL
  • Learn and practice setting up your sessions for success
  • Learn and practice somatic processes for developing greater self-awareness
  • Learn skills to regulate your own nervous system and use resonance – to create a safe and optimal learning environment
  • Learn about horses and their contribution and role in EEL
  • Learn how to integrate the horses’ responses into your sessions
  • Learn and practice the experiential learning cycle
  • Practice facilitating all components of a session
  • Practice facilitating to:
    • Create an emotionally and physically safe container for humans and horses
    • Develop your skill in artful facilitation
    • Increase a client’s awareness of, and sense of safety
    • Resource a client
    • Develop a client’s somatic awareness
    • Explore a client’s experience for meaning
    • Learn the framework for facilitating a client’s experience
    • Learn the sequence of facilitating a client session

After you have completed the CEEL Foundations Module, you are required to submit an assignment to receive your certificate of competency.

With your certificate of competency, you can apply to attend either the Working with Groups Module or the Working with Individuals Module.