Working with Groups module

This training builds on the skills learned in the Foundation module and covers core experiential learning processes that include planning and design considerations, group dynamics, developing your ability to respond to events within the group and increase your confidence for managing EEL groups in a way that maintains physical and emotional safety and effectiveness for all group members – human and horse.

You will receive tips, guidelines, and various standard forms for organizing your programs including registering, assessing, evaluating, and pricing of programs.

You will have the opportunity as a team with the rest of the CEEL trainees – to plan and deliver a 1/2 day workshop to a ‘real’ group of (volunteer) clients.

In this Working with Groups module you will:

  • Expand on the foundations of EEL facilitation skills as they apply to working with groups
  • Deepen your practice of presence based facilitation skills
  • Develop skills for engaging group members
  • Learn the multiple factors to consider when leading any group
  • Explore the different types of groups and learn how to develop appropriate programs for them
  • Learn the life cycle and stages of groups
  • Learn the steps involved in planning and delivery of programs
  • Facilitate a real ½ day program that includes planning, developing facilitating and debriefing
  • Learn about closing, closure and sustaining connections

This is a 5-day training module and on completion of this training, you receive a certificate of attendance.  You can submit the relevant case studies as per the assessment criteria – within 6 months of the training, to demonstrate your competency and become a CEEL Certified Facilitator of Working with Groups.